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Ah. The days of me being the #1 ranked player on Xbox Live is just a memory from the past.

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Now available for Xbox Live Arcade is Funtown Mahjong! And no, it’s not that tile stacking solitaire type of mahjong. It’s the original mahjong where you can play with 4 people. From what I read, the original settings is with Chinese rules, but there is said to be other variations. Perhaps the one with “Filipino rules”, where all honor tiles are used as flowers? Come XBL friends, download it and I’ll teach you how to play. Then life-wasting, addicting fun will be had by all of us!

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Today is officially, ‘Awesome Zombie Pic Monday’. First by greebluen, now this. Called ‘Zombie Playground’, this piece by Jason Chan is perhaps the best drawing I’ve seen in ages! It makes the fanboy in me shriek with glee. Same with my desktop. Left 4 Dead meets kindergarten.

Recess just got cancelled. Permanently.